homeless in a brave new world

houseless inn a brave new world we all have an opinion about ‘homelessness’. even the united nations has an opinion. so do i. some stats. in the way of all statistical analysis, the numbers can be played with ad infininitum, ad nauseam. so my intent in using them is to not get involved in semantics, […]

2014 –

ah, so long ago, i posted here, and then life happened, and somehow, even though i think about what i will post in this blog, often, it always gets put to the end, the last thing on the list. and now that i have arrived here…………..cannot think of what to say.  so will go with […]

beautiful tigers

18 may 2013 i have been watching many documentaries about tigers on internet.  i love cats, all cats, especially the many ‘domestic’ cats who have lived with me, and tigers. tigers are so awesome, predator kings, sleek, smooth, muscled.  their eyes of innocence and pure calculation.  look into golden tiger eyes and get lost in […]

yada yada yada

i had this scribble about the environment, and homo sap. being an endangered species, and how important it is to realize that mass production is the problem; and the continuous production of ‘new and improved’ – and then i read it and thought,  fuckit fuckit fuckit – what’s the point?   if we have not […]