why offshore banking is a good thing

this article in today’s guardian caught my eye  in which the writer, nigel green, founder ceo of deVere group, the world’s largest independent financial consultancy.  so, we all know he is putting his money where his mouth was.

here is a video where he says what he believes………………..if nigel green had been in the same room as me i would have leapt at him and torn out his smug ugly fucking face.  and i’m a pacifist.


so, this is what i think of nigel green.

he is a rich person’s toady = a person who behaves obsequiously to someone important

he is a lickspittle = a person who behaves obsequiously to those in power

that is he is obedient and attentive in an excessive or servile degree.

in other, more earthy terms, he is a rich man’s bum boy.

follow the money, follow the money.

and he profits from dealing in money – now a commodity – the commodity market trades in mainly the ‘economic sector’ rather than manufactured products.

and if wordpress were a person i would mutilate the fucking thing.  it keeps changing fonts on me.  i have an adversarial relationship with wordpress, much as some people have with facebook.  facebook is my friend.








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