herbal medicine walk with lori snyder

last sunday i went for a herbal medicine walk with lori snyder, she is on facebook under lori snyder.  organized by ruth meta of floral & hardy edible plants, who is also on facebook under either name.

it was a lovely way to spend the afternoon, especially since both ruth and lori are such generously spirited hosts.

herb walk - 1herb walk - 2(1)herb walk - 3(2)

this is oregon grape, bright yellow flowers, and beautiful deep blue berries.  all parts can be used.  we found this around the corner from ruth’s place.  all parts of the plant can be used, multiple uses.  and look, des vancouver.  right in our neighbourhood.  here is a link for you to check out oregon grape.  it has medicinal, edible and the roots can be used as a dye.

herb walk - 4 (3)

this is one of the many pines found in europe, africa, asia, usa, canada.   in vancouver, again a few feet away from the oregon grape. pine pollen is a super food, the benefits are many, one of them being, wait for it men, natural testosterone producer.  lori collects the pollen by putting a plastic bag over the male cone and gently shaking.  i’d use a paper bag.  it is of great benefit to women as well.  grab a few leaves and throw it in with your tea.  here is a link for pine pollen information.

herb walk - 5(4)

i really, truly liked this little plant.  land cress.  who knew.  never heard of it.  but here, again, steps away from the little pine shrub is this pretty, little, shy plant.  it can be harvested in february and october and november.  salads, i guess.  again, here is a link for you to check out this lovely little plant.  adds a little pungency to your winter salads.

herb walk - 6{5)

and this is st.john’s wort.  dried.  some of us know it can be used for depression.  harvested june to september, it is a phototoxic herb; it can cause skin irritation.  the flowers are bright yellow and can be used in a tea.  here is a link that gives a fair amount of information about  st. john’s wort.

it really was an eye opener.  all this bounty on the downtown eastside streets.  check out lori’s facebook page.  and she recommended webmd website for information on herbs.

ta ra,








2 thoughts on “herbal medicine walk with lori snyder

  1. I have a few questions about that a plant I have a monster vine in my backyard. It has a darker green five section leaf that looks similar to a cannabis leaf. It grows berries that look very similar to the Oregon grape. It has a very sturdy root system and it climbs along my chain link fence. I’m very curious about it.

    1. hi barbara, I have no clue but am sure Lori Snyder will have an answer. she is on Facebook under Lori Snyder and is a generous person with her knowledge.
      maybe it is grass🤓

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