homeless in a brave new world

contested territory
contested territory

houseless inn a brave new world

we all have an opinion about ‘homelessness’. even the united nations has an opinion. so do i.

some stats. in the way of all statistical analysis, the numbers can be played with ad infininitum, ad nauseam. so my intent in using them is to not get involved in semantics, but to propose that these numbers are approximates.

conservative estimate, approximately 1,600 people are homeless in vancouver.


approximately 500 (ha ha) of these live in the downtown eastside.

cordova 1

there are about 150 tents in oppenheimer park as of today. unless they have been moved out overnight, but i cannot find any news about that.

in the dtes local area profile 2012, city of vancouver report i couldn’t find any statistics on homelessness.

richest individuals/families in vancouver

jimmy pattison – worth $7.39 billion
the richest man in canada

2. chip wilson (lululemon) – $3.51 billion

3. the lalji family – worth $2.56 billion

4. gaglardi father & son – worth $2.08 billion

5. the chan family – $1.03 billion



according to wikipedia, it cost $400 million to develop the
woodwards complex.


tent city 2014

so here is this simplistic (it has been called that by economic/political gurus, self-proclaimed or not) and radical idea.

what if, for example, jimmy pattison threw in $1 billion of his $6 billion empire.

that would solve the ‘housing crises’. yes? no?

it really is that simple though, isn’t it.

what do these people do with all that wealth. don’t give me that they keep people in jobs. $1 billion worth of housing would put a whole lot of people in work.

how’s that for a revolutionary, not communistic, turn of events. this wealthy, super rich, richest man in vancouver, if not in canada, throws in 1/6th of his wealth, that’s like 16%, i think, and it’s all a charitable tax write off.

hey james, wotcha mate? you up for this.


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