beautiful tigers

18 may 2013

i have been watching many documentaries about tigers on internet.  i love cats, all cats, especially the many ‘domestic’ cats who have lived with me, and tigers.

tigers are so awesome, predator kings, sleek, smooth, muscled.  their eyes of innocence and pure calculation.  look into golden tiger eyes and get lost in there.  shy, secretive, intensely private, huge heads, paws, claws, fangs.  there are actually no words to describe how i feel about them – only emotions. they are so, so beautiful.

and so being mistreated, for so long, until they are on the verge of extinction……… the wild.  north american tigers bred in captivity are the largest population of tigers in the world.

we humans have bred creatures of the wild into captive pets, bred behind bars, in cages, we have captured beautiful, free animals and enslaved them.  we enslave people, we still enslave people.  the latest example of slavery is the working conditions of the bangladesh textile factory that resulted in deaths.  but hey, what the hell, just fodder for the factories.

back to tigers, caged, whipped (no? what are those big long straps on the end of the sticks that go crrraaack then?).  fed flesh that is laden with steroids and other chemicals, co-opted by their need for food, with human settlements stealing tiger territory.  this amounts to a war.  invasion of land occupied by another is war – whatever your species.

not to forget the commerce in tiger skins for cold feet that can never be warm because their owner is sould-dead.  commerce for tiger parts that are ground and made into pellets in the belief that this will give men, especially old men, a revived and extensively active libido, a particularly revolting picture comes to mind.  what’s wrong with viagra?

as long as we enslave beings, we are all slaves.  and we are all complicit in our slavery.  and there is no fucking vote in the world that can change our slavery.  the system is corrupt, we human beings have corrupted ourselves and our planet.  yes, we.  as a species.

what’s to be done?  it would be easy to have all the answers delivered on a golden platter, but isn’t that what the moneywarlords do?

we humans are as beautiful as any other creature; we are the only creatures that create garbage, kill for pleasure and profit, enslave each other and other creatures.

the truth will set you free?  somebody said that.  somebody else said (kirkegaard?) that life is a mystery to be lived, not a problem to be solved. and isaac asmimov said (paraphrase) that time travellers need to stay on their own path because by straying off they could irrevocably damage the local flora and fauna.

the only words of wisdom i have came from other people.


and   ProsperityImage



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