yada yada yada

i had this scribble about the environment, and homo sap. being an endangered species, and how important it is to realize that mass production is the problem; and the continuous production of ‘new and improved’ – and then i read it and thought, 

fuckit fuckit fuckit – what’s the point?  


if we have not got the point then maybe we should become extinct.  in the universal scale and scheme and scope of things, how important are we?  

so, all i can do is live my life according to my own ethic.  years ago i read a scifi novel about time travel.  and the rule for time travellers was that they stayed on the path that had been prepared for them; do not move off the path because it would upset the flora and fauna of that time, irrevocably.  kind of like the butterfly wings in tokyo.  

we are time travellers, and should not harm the world we are borrowing for such a short while, individually speaking.  and in the end that’s all anybody can do.  

say goodnight karenza. 

goodnight karenza


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