b.c.bud operations legislated…………….what!




okay, so this is the thing.  i have these responses to things i hear and see and my chindi-nation.net (nudge-nudge) blog is not a place where i can say fucking a – for example – it just is not the place in which i want to talk that way.

but here i will let my verbiage (is that a word) run freely……….

so, i am going to toss out all the little pieces of paper which i have collected since the last time i went to my little pieces of paper envelope.  and begin with something i read today in the georgia straight – a fine news sheet gone to the crap heap in the sky.

‘liberals propose rules for marijuana use’  ————– alleluia! ……………………….hey, wait a minute.  what is this about?  they want to control the use of an item that has been on their shit list for years, decades, and suddenly start controlling it.  and taxing it.  and making rules and regulations for its production and distribution, and how much any one person can have on them for their personal use.  ‘once we legalize, then we can regulate the product………..we can regulate the use and safety.  and i think that’s important for all canadians.”  who, by the way, happen to be the biggest users of weed.  this quote by sangeeta lalli, whomever she is when she’s at home.  no this is not ethnicistism.  the article thingy didn’t say who she was, but i gather she is  a party mouthpiece

for full article   .http://tinyurl.com/bgyswkv

why this about face?  smoking weed became part of our popular culture at least 40+ years ago; was being used by a number of communities way before this.

b c bud is one of the largest exports, b c bud is grown in small operations by small business persons, i would think that the amount of revenues by taxation would amount to a considerable amount.  and all this money is pouring into the coffers of local business people, and who’s to say that the next thing will be monsanto maneuvering to get a patent for weed.  and the next thing you know the fucking neighbourhood has gone to hell.

shareholders in pharmaceutical companies slaver their way to the bank; who knows what sort of agreements they have with all sorts of shady pimps, oops, sorry! i mean salespeople – or is that salesperson?

the only people who get busted are the street dealers, one of the most dangerous jobs ever; only surpassed in danger by armed forces in conflict.

the best time to have a revolution is before we need to have a revolution.

do you think some government agency will pick up on this and deem it inflammatory?  who knows, but here goes



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