no thing

everything is nothing eternity begins in zero nothing and ends in zero in nothing is all eternity is life is a narrative that begins and ends in narrative all stories is one story that begin and end in eternity which resides in no thing no thing is eternal all things are no things is empty […]

why offshore banking is a good thing

this article in today’s guardian caught my eye  in which the writer, nigel green, founder ceo of deVere group, the world’s largest independent financial consultancy.  so, we all know he is putting his money where his mouth was. here is a video where he says what he believes………………..if nigel green had been in the same […]

herbal medicine walk with lori snyder

last sunday i went for a herbal medicine walk with lori snyder, she is on facebook under lori snyder.  organized by ruth meta of floral & hardy edible plants, who is also on facebook under either name. it was a lovely way to spend the afternoon, especially since both ruth and lori are such generously […]

paris in the fall

i am making a conscious decision to not watch or read anything about the attacks in paris. i refuse to contribute to the fear and degradation imposed upon us by the people who committed these atrocities; whomever they are. isis, mossad, cia. i’m not giving them my energy and attention. their power gets stronger with […]